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Mechanical Engineering Expert


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (Centro Universitário de Santo André)
  • Technician in Mechatronics


Felipe joined Critério Experts in 2019 as Expert Mechanical Engineer, and was responsible for working on expert cases, investigations into causes and the assessment of losses from claims involving equipment and industries of different technologies such as machining equipment, thermal and flow machines, agricultural and road equipment, equipment used in the food industry, cranes, ports, among others.

Before joining Critério, during his 12-year career, Felipe had experience in the field of extended warranty insurance for mass-market products, working in the structuring of the technical assistance network for handling claims, managing service provider indicators, regulating budgets and studies into the cause of claims involving small vehicles, white goods and information technology.

In addition to having worked in the insurance sector, Felipe also had extensive experience in the industry, working in several segments and areas of mechanical engineering, among them, engineering to develop parts for the automotive industry, validation and development of machining, stamping and welding processes.


  • 2019 Boiler Explosion – USD 1m
  • 2019 Fire in plastic products industry – USD 16m
  • 2020 Fire in grain storage surge bin – USD 5m
  • 2020 Flooding in tableware manufacturing plant – USD 5m
  • 2020 Fire in aluminum plant – USD 50m
  • 2020 Fire in textile plant – USD 2m
  • 2021 Tank implosion in dairy manufacturing plant – USD 1m
  • 2021 Fire in wheat mill – USD 4m
  • 2021 Fire in the food plant – USD 20m
  • 2022 Explosion in hydrogen generation plant – USD 1m

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