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Experts Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering Expert


  • Mechanical Engineering (Centro Universitário de Santo André-Unia)
  • Specialization in Fire Engineering (UNIP)
  • Specialist in Fire Investigation (IAAI – International Association of Arson Investigators)
  • Specialist in Fire Investigation in Motor Vehicles (IAAI – International Association of
  • Arson Investigators)
  • Rigger (Opus Institute)


Ewerton joined Critério Experts in 2011. Today, with more than 10 years of experience, he is an Expert in Mechanical Engineering, working in the investigation of causes and assessment of losses from claims in various industries, agricultural and road equipment, construction machinery, cranes, wind and port equipment, among others. Specialized in fire investigation, he works in building, industrial and machinery/motor vehicle claims of various complexities. He is also involved in legal proceedings as a technical assistant in high-value cases.

Before working at Critério Experts, Ewerton had experience with tractor unit and crane maintenance at Tomé Engenharia.


  • 2016 Fire in the meatpacking plant – BRL 18.5m
  • 2016 Structural collapse – BRL 8m
  • 2017 Fire in TV studio – BRL 8.5m
  • 2017 Fire at wood processing plant – BRL 10m
  • 2019 Fire in TV studio – BRL 5m
  • 2019 Fire in galvanizing facility – BRL 24m
  • 2019 Hotel flooding – BRL 100m
  • 2020 Fire in a meatpacking plant – BRL 20m
  • 2021 Fire in a logistics warehouse for civil works – BRL 500m
  • 2021 Copper and Gold Mining – BRL 16m
  • 2021 Port Equipment – BRL 10m
  • 2022 Food industry (apple) – BRL 100m
  • 2022 Wind equipment – BRL 12m
  • Explosions
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Cranes and tractor units


Tel./WhatsApp:+55 (11) 99796-6717