Civil Engineering

Flooding, Landslides, Fires, Explosions, Earth Works, Roadworks

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Mechanical Engineering

Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment, Industrial Equipment

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Electrical Engineering

Generators, Transformers, Motors, Industrial Facilities

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Critério Specialties

Structural Modeling and Analysis, Pathology: Evaluation and Special Testing, Fire Causes

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Why CRT Group?

To be a benchmark company in providing highly qualified technical assistance through a team of skilled professionals, consistently training and innovating, working with pleasure, harmony and being proud of their work, the results they deliver and their attitude as citizens in building a better world.
To place CRT Group among the leading companies for multidisciplinary expertise in the Insurance market worldwide, so that today it serves as an inspiration for those of tomorrow, believing that everything can always be improved, and recognising that by ignoring our mistakes this will restrict our necessary and ongoing professional and personal development.
To always be truthful, with technical consistency and good sense, based on personal and professional ethics even if it is not the shortest and the easiest route, but this is the path to take in order to fulfil our mission.

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