Expert Manager
Civil Engineering Expert & RCA


  • Civil Engineer, Specialized in Fire Investigation by IAAI – International Association of Arson Investigators and Post Graduate in Pathology in Civil Construction Works.


Investigation into the cause of fire in industries and commercial properties and residences. Diagnostic engineering in building pathologies/loss events Audit of budget calculations for civil works.


He joined Critério Experts in 2010 as a civil engineering intern, since then he has worked as a civil engineering expert, coordinator of the civil engineering department and currently as expert manager (civil, mechanical, electrical, agronomic, chemical and cyber engineering).

During this time with us, he has worked on more than 400 claims in buildings and civil works, providing consultancy in the insurance market with the main insurers, loss adjusters and brokers, developing inspections, analysis of the cause of loss events, extent of damage, recovery methodologies, budgeting, negotiations and preparation of technical reports. He also works in legal proceedings as a technical assistant.

Before joining Critério, he worked for 6 years in the field of civil engineering in construction management and designer of fire protection systems.


  • 2017 Fire in Meat Packing Plants and Cold Stores – BRL 150m
  • 2018 Fire at a pharmaceutical plant – BRL 100m
  • 2019 Fire in Hospital (RJ) investigation into cause and damage – USD 30m
  • 2020 Fire at aluminum plant (PA) investigation into cause – USD 50m
  • 2021 Cyber Attack on a Retail Store – USD 6m
  • 2021 Fire at a Polymer Factory – BRL 220m
  • 2022 Agriculture (corn/cotton) contamination – USD 10m
  • 2022 Collapse of embankment on a Railway Line – USD 20m

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