Expert Coordinator
Civil Engineering Expert


Engineer, Specialized in Construction Pathologies and Calculation of Concrete Structures, Master’s Degree in Housing Technology.


He is a Civil Engineer who graduated from Universidade São Judas Tadeu, with postgraduate degree in Pathologies in Civil Works from the IDD Institute and Concrete Structures and Foundations from the INBEC Institute.

Experience in works, during construction of the Choice Development executed by Tecnisa, and conception of projects while working at the company MA2 Engenharia.

However, most of his career, as an engineer, was spent at Critério Experts, acting as a technical consultant to the insurance market, identifying causes of loss events and assessing property damage amounts, and legal working as a technical assistant.

Since 2016 working as Pathologist Engineer, also at Critério Experts, however in the area called Specialties, where specific tests, such as ultrasound, sclerometry, analysis of the presence of aggressive agents, among others, are carried out to analyze the condition of concrete structures.

Working as an estimator at Critério Experts in the Specialties area since 2018, analyzing concrete and metallic structures.


  • 2021 – Overtopping at a dam in Rio Grande do Sul, USD 12m;
  • 2021 – Collapse of refractory industrial furnace at glass production plant in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, USD 10m;
  • 2020 – Major flooding in a hotel in Rio de Janeiro-RJ, USD 20m;
  • 2019 – Flood in 7 SHPs in series in Bolivia, USD 14 million;
  • 2018 – Major fire at a slaughterhouse in the Mineiros-GO region, USD 2.5m;
  • 2017 – Fire in a tobacco storage shed in Santa Cruz do Sul, RS, USD 5.2m;
  • 2016 – Fire at a historical museum in São Paulo, SP, USD 6m;


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